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  Convert any flat panel display into a touch screen in minutes. Yes, it’s an add-on, but it doesn’t look like an add-on. Ergonomic, low profile design makes it look like its part of the monitor. A new, cost effective way to add touch capability to your POS, Hospitality, Educational and other market solutions. Now you can take advantage of whichever LCD monitor best suits your needs and budget.

Touch screen is fast becoming the interface of choice for a wide variety of applications, literally putting information at people’s fingertips. User-friendly and less intimidating than other input devices for novice users, touch-enhanced displays are used in the public information system field: information kiosks, tourism displays, and all kinds of electronic displays likely to be used by people who have little or no computing experience

  • Use with practically any flat panel LCD monitor on the market
  • Non-obtrusive, ergonomic design - compliments the look of today’s ULTRA slim LCD monitors
  • Can be easily installed and removed. No need to open up the computer case, and no power supply is needed.
  • Securely attaches using modern adhesives – no clamps, clips or velcro eliminates potential touch accuracy or calibration problems
  • Has excellent scratch resistance and chemical resistance.
  • Internal or external cable management options available
  • Available from 12” to 21” sizes with RS232 or USB connections

In fast-paced retail and restaurant environment, touch screen systems can significantly increase productivity. Work can get done faster, because employees can simply touch the screen to perform tasks, rather than entering complex key strokes or commands.

Because the touch screen interface is more user-friendly than other input devices, overall training time for computer novices, and therefore training expense, can be reduced. It can also help to make learning more fun and interactive, which can lead to a more beneficial training experience for both students and educators.

When used in conjunction with software such as on-screen keyboards, or other assistive technology, touch screen interface can make computing resources more available to people that have difficulty using computers.

Touch screen interface is being used wherever it is necessary improve human-computer interaction: trade-show displays, electronic catalogues, computerized gaming, student registration systems, multimedia software, financial applications... In fact, touch screen displays are as versatile as you make them: the uses are limited only by your imagination and your creativity.

This type of screen is recommended for point of sale, restaurants, control and automation systems, medical use, and more.

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